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Wine with Pete

Wine With Pete

About Pete

About Pete

The combination of my Greek heritage and growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area planted the seed for my ever-growing love of food, wine and the marriage of the two. I worked as a Chemical Engineer in water treatment for 7 years only to spend my evenings and weekends tasting, studying and analyzing wine. I especially enjoy analyzing the chemical properties of the wine, as you may have guessed with my chemistry background. I slowly saw my few wine books turn into a pile of books, then a tall stack, and eventually a small library. I quickly realized my thirst for wine could not be quenched. I became a Certified Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers www.mastersommeliers.org and started Wine With Pete. I want to bring this excitement, joy, and fun with every glass of wine to the world! My focus is to create a warm and relaxing environment in which to smell, taste, compare, and mutually enjoy, and ultimately demystify the subtle nuances of the world’s myriad varietals of wine.

Myths and misconceptions of wine create reservation within individuals to express their personal enthusiasm and knowledge about wine. The truth is you know what you like and don’t like. Any wine you enjoy drinking is a “good” bottle of wine...there is no right or wrong. I want to help you place words to what you already see, smell, and taste in each sip of wine. I will show you detailed ways to experience and enjoy wine’s distinguishing characteristics such as the wine’s body, fruit, earth, tannins, acidity, sweetness, dryness, complexity, etc.